Cugino's Pizza

Come only when you want to eat like a king


Quotes Ordered cause I was tired of Linwood Pizza's dwindling portions. Lasagna & linguinie in red clam sauce was excellent...even the next day!! Quotes
XLNT Surprise!

Quotes French fries are the BEST! honestly i could eat a whole tray. Quotes

Quotes Very few restaurants can satisfy my taste buds like Cugino's. Quotes
Tough Critic

Quotes They have very good food and service. Everyone is kind and the delivery man is fast. Quotes
Happy Customer

Quotes Excellent food and wonderful personalities can be found here. Quotes
Happy Consumer

Quotes There food can't get any better! They've hit perfection! Quotes
Satisfied Customer

Quotes I can never get enough of their food. I would highly recommend them to anyone who's hungry. Quotes
Frequent Customer

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